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Have your been looking for a application to manage your work flow but can’t find the right fit?


You can have your custom hosted Application in Five easy steps.

  • Contact our sales team.

  • Meet with our consoltation team.

  • Our team design, develope and test application.

  • Grant access to application.

  • Training for your new application.

Save time and money by selecting from any one of our five base application and let us know how you want it to be customized to suit your organization.  customization for any of our base application is one to 3 months from the start date.

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Our products are simple and easy to use and they are design all demography in mind.

Simple Office

Management Application

Simple Online

Diagnostic Exams

Simple Inventory


Simple Job & Service


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Let us Introduce our self.

  Our mission at M Mobile Lab Limited is giving confidence to our client through fast service response, great quality work, one-on-one personal attention at the high-quality customer service available at a very affordable price. Our employees have received extensive ongoing training, a great place to work, fair pay and benefits, and incentives to use their own good judgments to solve customers’ problems.

Key to Success:

Our key to success is to continue improving our services and providing affordable and quality ICT services to medium, small businesses as well as end users in a timely manner while maintaining the quality and creating and retaining customer good relations. We also continue to improve our team capabilities through weekly training and equipping employee with the all tools needed to complete their job proficiently.

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Let’s us help your business simple be more efficient.

Our clients are happy for several reasons this is due to us taking the time to understand

their needs and help in establishing their digital and IT goals and budget.  

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Our Featured Application

Job management

Manage any and all your jobs from a single location, Assign jobs, Track progress, check-in and out products, add before and after images, track payments… LEARN MORE

JOB Management System


Digitize and Automate your day to day task and that are dificult to manage. By using our customizable office management system it guarantee to cut operating expence by up to 70%

OFFICE Management


The pandemic has impact the lives of meny as a way of playing our part we had decided to develope an application that would be cost efective for student to complete a diagnostic test online.

Online Diagnostic Exams


Yes. once with us you don’t need to worry about updates or backing up of information.  We do it all for you.

Hosting, Mangement & Updates